Cat of the month

Cat of the month

Each of our cats of the month is one of our local rescues. We hope you enjoy their stories.

Sweet Prudence

Prudence comes to us from the reservation near Lapwai. She was very pregnant when rescued and gave birth to four lovely kittens who now are living in their forever homes. Prudence is now looking for hers, but she wants to be in a home without dogs and preferably as the only cat or perhaps one other. A calm quiet home and Prudence will be your loving companion. Prudence may not do well with small children.

Previous Cats of the Month

shift and moon


Shifter was living in a colony near some student apartment. We trapped him to get him neutered.  On the day of his surgery he pulled a Houdini and escaped his carrier. It was in the coldest part of winter and he found all kinds of hiding places in the house. He would eat food but not allow us to catch him. After several months of eluding capture he finally was caught and was neutered, but since he was now use to his new living  arrangement he declined to return to his colony and loves his new colony. 



Moon has been living on the streets for several years. We believe he was once a pet of a college student that was never neutered and then abandoned. He has numerous scars from his years outside. He finally consented to be rescued after what appears to have been a tough fight with possibly a raccoon. He is recovering from surgery.



Ninja was born on a farm south of Moscow Idaho. His owner has listed the farm for sale and has moved to an assisted living center which does not allow animals.  Ninja was surrendered to us and has now found his perfect home.


Raymundo Sin Ojos


Raymundo lives in the Hamlett household.  He is most proud of his lovely tail and beautiful fur.  Having lost both his eyes as a kit has never slowed him down, his RAYdar is always active, catching fly's or finding cat kibble he knows his way around.

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