Your donation helps support TNR (trap, neuter and release, or rehome) in in community. Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is an animal control management practice where community cats are humanely trapped, sterilized by a veterinarian, vaccinated against rabies, eartipped, and returned to the trapping location. An eartip refers to the small portion of the top of a cat’s ear that is removed during surgery (while the cat is under anesthesia) to indicate that the cat has been through the TNR process. When possible the cats are socialized and rehomed as pets or as working barn cats. When released in back to their colony, feeding stations are maintained to ensure their health and the health of the bird population.

Many feral cat colonies exist in Latah County, often starting out as pets many are left behind outside to survive when students leave the university.  Many die, but some survive living off garbage and small wildlife. Additional many of these animals were never spayed or neutered. Consequentially when left in the wild they breed creating large colonies.

Volunteers can help trap cats and also assist animal control in locating other cats in need of TNR services. Commonly referred to as caregivers, these volunteers may also feed and monitor the health of colony cats once they are returned to their original location.