Just like dogs!

I often hear from friends, “I am not a cat person, I like dogs.” I find that such an odd statement, just because I like apples does not mean I cannot like oranges also. The other odd statement I hear is, “I do not usually like cats but yours are different they act like dogs.” Well I like all animals with maybe a few insect exceptions, sorry mosquitos, if you don’t bite me I will not try to kill you.
Animals for the most part will behave in the manner in which you raised them. Yes, of course they have their own personalities that shine through, but they learn what they can and cannot get away with. I have a lovely dog Lupita and numerous cats and yes they all come running when I call suppertime. Some of the cats need to be shown more love than others, some need to be picked up in front of the other cats and held so they can act superior to the others, some like more toys, some like more food but they are not sneaky, cunning or manipulative but they can be mysterious. Though the one that needs the most attention is my dog. The cats while they may not like it if I leave town, will be fine, my dog will go into a depression, even if I have someone stay at the house the entire time.
Cats, unlike dogs have good survival instincts. This accounts for why there are feral cat colonies in almost every city. They will find hiding places and hunting grounds. For those people who dislike cats because they love birds and fear cats killing all the birds, this is a good reason why caring for cat colonies is so important. Spay or neuter cats to control the population, provide daily food and water so they do not need to kill for food, get them vaccinated so they do not spread disease.
I am always amazed at how someone who “hates” cats can be converted into a cat lover once they get to actually know a cat. Cat haters, take some time and get to know a cat, you might just change your mind.